So Long, So Long

I am putting the simplicity back into my life. The last few weeks have been difficult, hard on my heart, clouding my mind, and unhealthy for the growth of my spirit. I don’t want it anymore.

Before deciding to write this post, I thought heavily about whether or not I actually would. As I have been learning in my health class, a lot of things have become clear to me. And after my conversations with two people these last few weeks, I realized the weight that is still attached to me; to my heart. After another notification on my phone on May 20th from @TXXXXXXLXXXXXX favoring one of my tweets on Twitter, I wanted to pull my hair out.

Today I deleted my Twitter and my Facebook. These two have long since been coming, but it has become crucial I remove myself from any situations where this annoyance continues on any longer.

I have a lot of wonderful things planned for myself this year. In two weeks, I am road tripping to California to visit family and friends and bask in the glory of vacation. And this Summer, I will finally see the Grand Canyon (Arizona) and Capitol Reef (Utah), followed by a solo trip to explore Boston, Massachusetts. There are so many places to see in the world, and this year I begin my travels!

In four days I am moving into a new apartment, in a new area of town. Finally, I am leaving the familiar stomping grounds of my almost-marriage. The energy attached to this place is toxic, and this weekend – I leave it all behind. In true fh,F fashion, it’s all about moving F O  R   W    A     R      D ———————————>>

So long, drama. I won’t miss you one bit.


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